Powerwall Certified Installer in Melbourne

Everlite Electrical are Certified Installers of Powerwall – the world’s leading home battery technology.

Store the power generated by your solar panels

Solar panels are great for converting the suns energy to usable electricity during the day however Powerwalls can store it to be used when the sun goes down or when it gets cloudy. Minimise your reliance on the grid by integrating a powerwall, helping to create a self-powered home.

Lower your energy costs

By storing excess energy generated during the day, a powerwall makes it available any time that you need it, reducing the power you draw from the grid and protect yourself from the cost of rising energy bills.

Help reduce your environmental impact

By creating a self-powered home, you are minimising your impact on the environment by generating and storing your own energy from the sun instead of relying on the grid. A powerwall assists in creating a sustainable energy solution.

Seamless power backup

Having a Powerwall not only reduces your reliance on the grid, it acts as a backup power source in the event that there are any grid outages. The powerwall will detect any issues and seamlessly become your home’s main power source.

Smart energy technology

Control and monitor your Powerwall from anywhere via your tablet or smartphone with a smart app. See how much charge your battery has at any point in time from home or work.

We care about the world

The staff at Everlite Electrical believe strongly in solar power as a renewable energy source, that doesn’t harm the earth like traditional sources can.

We save you money

In reality a solar power installation can drastically reduce your monthly power bill, giving you more money to spend where you need to.

Excellent communication

Another key point is we communicate with our clients every step of the way. In fact during each solar installation, we ensure that no questions are left unanswered.