Solar Installation Services Hallam

Everlite Electrical are the local experts in sustainable solar energy solutions and the right choice for residential & commercial solar power in Melbourne.

We've completed thousands of solar installations.

Even when using the solar equipment, it won’t meet its potential if it is installed incorrectly. Poor installation could also put the structural integrity of your roof at risk, meaning additional expenses in future repairs. The Everlite Electrical team has successfully installed thousands of solar systems for residential and commercial clients. As a registered electrical operator we offer peace of mind, safety & a long productive life for your system.

Solar Panels

Everlite Electrical stock a wide range of solar panels to suit your budget, energy usage, and installation needs. We effectively communicate with all our customers and complete a detailed assessment of your needs and explain our services and products in easy to understand terms.

Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, expert advice and competitive pricing. Let our professional and friendly service help you make the best solar PV system choice for your home or business.

Tesla Powerwalls

Store the energy generated from your solar panels to be used when the sun goes down. Minimise your reliance on the grid by integrating a Telsa solar battery, helping to create a self-powered home. We are certified Tesla partners, the leaders in home battery technology.

Solar monitoring

Solar Monitoring

Choosing a solar PV system is a significant investment. Get the most from your solar PV system by installing a monitoring system. A properly installed monitoring system will tell you how much solar power your system is generating and when.

We care about the world

The staff at Everlite Electrical believe strongly in solar power as a renewable energy source, that doesn’t harm the earth like traditional sources can.

We save you money

In reality a solar power installation can drastically reduce your monthly power bill, giving you more money to spend where you need to.

Excellent communication

Another key point is we communicate with our clients every step of the way. In fact during each solar installation, we ensure that no questions are left unanswered.