EverLite Electrical will work with you to determine the best solar PV system, based on your energy consumption, budget and business operations. We only use the best quality products from proven suppliers with excellent warranties.

Commercial operations can often benefit from a solar PV system. The cost of solar systems continues to fall and advances in battery storage means businesses can use more of the energy they produce, when they want to use it. In fact, a commercial solar system may recoup its costs in a shorter time, as many businesses use most power during peak times (9am to 5pm).

Business customers have different needs from their solar system than residential customers. EverLite Electrical will help you determine if solar PV is the right choice for your business, put together a fully comprehensive quote and advise of all relevant government assistance and financing options. We will look at a full range of energy demand solutions including energy efficiency, energy storage and load shifting.

Large commercial and industrial roof spaces often mean greater capacity solar PV systems can be installed, reducing your energy costs further. Systems can also be upgraded or external panels can be installed if energy requirements change.

EverLite Electrical has installed thousands of solar PV systems. We will build you a custom solar PV solution taking into account energy usage, available roof space and council requirements. We will make sure your system is optimally installed and take care of all the arrangements with your energy retailer and distributor – including the paperwork and any applicable incentives or rebates.

An EverLite Electrical solar PV system protects your business against future energy price rises and provides energy security. Prevent losses from power disruptions with a reliable supply of clean energy.

EverLite Electrical are your experienced and professional solar PV system retailer and installer. Servicing all Melbourne.